Nero Bot

The Bot that just keeps on getting updated with new features.

Reaction Based Roles

Setup Groups of Roles, specify emotes, and easily allow your users to give themselves roles! Hover over the above image to see it in action!

NEW Custom Triggers

Have questions that need answering? Want to make sure that everyone that says "Hi" gets a response? Custom Triggers are for you!

Time-Based Roles

Need a way to say "Thank You!" to the users who have been on your server? Give them a special Time-Based role! In combination with the Color-Changing Roles, it makes for a great member perk!

Easily Manage Roles

On Mobile and need a way to quickly edit a role? Nero makes it easy.

Complete Control

Featuring an extensive, and probably over-the-top blacklist and whitelist system, you are in direct control of what commands your users can run.

So. You in? Invite Nero to your server!


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